Lying is not a good thing. To bad it always gets everyone, and I am not saying I don't lie, I am working on it. Lying is Satan talking to you to go the easy way out. Here is a story read it and see what happens.

 "Are you serious, I failed my math test! My parents are going to be so mad."said Tom "What are you going to do?"said Mike "I'll just hide it and they will never know!"said Tom "But Tom..." said Mike "Don't worry they won't find out see you tomorrow." Tom said interupting Mike "Good luck."said Mike " I wont need it" said Tom Tom went on with his plan and no one found out for a week, until.. Tom's teacher called asking for the math paper, turns out it had a sign and return stamp on it! It all went downhill! Tom's mother was upset, his Dad was mad, and he was in trouble! He tried to lie again, but his parents sent him to his room and he got grounded for a month!

Lying is not the answer as you see. You do it so you don't get into trouble, but it turns out you end up in even more trouble then you would have gotten. So watch this video by casting crowns and it will help you out definetly, and if you have any trouble post it on the comments and pray about it!



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    December 2008



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