Peer pressure! 11/01/2008

Do you know a friend that is swearing alot! It kind of bugs you huh? Put down a prayer request if your having problems with a friend or maybe yourself!

If you have problems with your own family or your friends family, with either a divorce, fighting by yelling at each other, or physically fighting. Please, put a prayer down and I'll pray for you! Truly, God will get you through this!

Do you have a bully! They really can hurt your feelings huh? Well if they are hurting you feel free to pray about it!

If you have a crush? You feel unconfertable about it! WEll its alright! Just pray about it! God answers at the right times, trust him.



    I love basketball,softball, soccer, and pretty much any sport you name it! I'm a major tomboy!.


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