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Take this quiz and see how well you know your parents.....

How well do you know your mom or dad?


Assigned: ___________    Due: _______________


Sons and Daughters: Take this quiz about one parent without discussing it with your parent.  After you’ve taken it, discuss it with that parent.  In order to get credit for this assignment, complete both sides and the reflection.


1.    Name three of your parent’s close friends.

2.    What is your parent’s favorite sport?

3.    What was your parent’s favorite subject in high school?

4.    What causes your parent stress?

5.    Name your parent’s favorite food.

6.    Name a famous person they would love to meet.

7.    What is your parent’s favorite music group?

8.    What is your parent’s favorite TV show?

9.    Did your parent have a nickname as a child?  If so, what was it?

10.What is your parent’s favorite family occasion?

11.How old was your parent when s/he started dating?

12.Name something your parent is proud of you for.

13.What type of schooling or training did you parent have after high school?

14.Where would your parent like to go on vacation?

15.What does your parent like to do on Friday nights?